Power Solutions Products

Intelligent, efficient and reliable power conversion devices for applications ranging from board-mount power to system-level architectures for the Server, Storage, Networking, Industrial and Telecommunications industries.
Highly efficient, high density and highly reliable power supplies designed for the Server, Storage, Networking, Industrial and Telecommunications industries.
AC & DC Hot-Swap Front-Ends
With industry-leading power densities and energy savings, our broad range of hot-swappable front-ends provide advanced thermal management and high-efficiency topologies, along with robust features ranging from ultra-compact forms to wide input ranges and extensive I²C monitoring and control.
Compact PCI
The CPA and CPD Series are high efficiency and high power density PICMG 2.9 compliant power supplies in 3U and 6U heights, ideally suited for various industrial applications.
Embedded DC-DC (formerly Power-One Line)
Offering a comprehensive range of high power density, board-level DC-DC converters with industry standard brick footprints ranging from 1/16 to 1/2, analog POL converters and feature-rich digital power solutions that seamlessly integrate power conversion and management.
Embedded DC-DC (Bel Fuse Line)
Telecom 36V to 75V, Industrial 18V to 36V, and universal ultra wide 18V to 75V input voltage ranges accompany all of our 1″ X 1″, 1″ X 2″, 1/16th, 1/8th, ¼,and ½ brick industry standard footprints.
Rugged DC-DC
Our broad range of DC input cassette-style converters, with their one to three fully-isolated and regulated outputs, are well-suited for applications ranging from rail, to communications and industrial where tough, reliable power is paramount. Our wide range of switching regulators are excellent resources for those electronic systems requiring power supplies with near-constant levels of high efficiency over the whole range of input voltage, as well as high reliability, low ripple and excellent dynamic response.
DNC Series: DC-DC Converters
DNC Series: DC-DC Converters
INV Series: DC-AC Inverter
INVCH Inverter Charger Series