Network Power Systems

More than 20 years experience in the industry has created the foundation for the complete range of telecom power products, constantly adapting new technology to develop products that provide high-efficient, high-density and low-cost power solutions for the telecom industry.
Guardian Hybrid
The Bel Power Solutions Guardian Hybrid solution allows for the addition of renewable energy sources to the Guardian rectifier system. Along with the Hybrid controller HCC for full hybrid site management, solar and wind converters provide a low-impact integrated solution to cater all your hybrid needs while minimizing capital and operational expenses.
Power Systems
Bel Power Solutions offers the full range of small to large network power systems, suitable for both wireless and wireline applications. Based around the Aspiro and Guardian rectifier platforms, the typical power system comprises rectifiers, controller, distribution and a range of cabinet and rack mounting solutions to cater for most network requirements.
Outdoor Solutions
Having a wide global footprint of its outdoor solutions in some of the most challenging environments on the planet, Bel Power Solutions has acquired broad knowledge of enclosure performance and requirements and offers a full enclosure series to complement the Aspiro and Guardian platforms
Rectifiers and Converters
The rectifier is the core component of a telecom power system providing innovative and extremely reliable, robust power.
The controller being the brain of the power system, Bel Power Solutions offers a range of controllers that cater for both site and remote management of your telecom power. Starting from the entry-level PCC and up to advanced controllers with functionality that goes well beyond the capabilities of traditional power system controllers, enabling shelter-level control.
Telecom Inverters
As telecom networks increasingly expand into offgrid parts of the world, there is an increasing need to support various AC loads with battery backup using inverters tailored for use with telecom power systems. The compact Bel Power Solutions Slim Line Inverter (SLI) series is the natural companion for 48V and 24V power systems.
PowCom™ Software
The PowCom software suite provides a graphical user interface for interaction and supervision of the power system. The sophisticated remote communication options provided for multiple sites significantly reduces site visits while also alerting serious situations for immediate action in order to minimize downtime, the result being reduced cost and maximized site revenue.