Server, Storage & Networking

By providing some of the highest efficiency and power density power supplies and converters in the industry, our solutions help those in the server, storage and networking sectors to more easily address the growing energy usage and power demand concerns of data centers, networking devices and telecom.
Digital Power & Control
The Bel Power Solutions dPWER™ Digital Power architecture achieves an unprecedented level of power-system integration, flexibility, functionality and control to enable reduced power-system component counts.
Isolated DC-DC Converters
Using our isolated DC-DC converters, clients gain high efficiencies and power densities, wide input ranges, high input-transient withstand capabilities delivered in ultra-low forms capable of starting in pre-biased loads.
Bus Converters
Bel Power Solutions offers a wide range of highly efficient DC-DC bus converters to support intermediate bus applications, utilizing industry-standard footprints and specifications, that exhibit excellent thermal performance in elevated temperature, low airflow environments.
Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters
Our non-isolated Point of Load (POL) converters reduce total board solution areas through extremely high efficiency/no heat sink designs utilizing programmable output voltages and wide input voltage ranges.
Platinum Efficiency
The Platinum line is our newest product group, featuring Platinum-level 80-Plus certified efficient power solutions and launched with the release of the PFE1100-12, an 1100W of power-factor-corrected AC to DC front-end with a 12VDC main output current.
Power Over Ethernet
The Bel Power Solutions POE lineup includes our PALS 400 and 600W power supplies, offering dual 48Vand 12V outputs, 85% efficiency, 1U or 3U form factors, plus I2C configurability and management.
12 Volt Output
As a broad group of 12V output, high-efficiency power supplies, our front-ends blend wide AC and DC input ranges, with small footprints and high power densities, ideal for telecom, datacom, distributed power systems, servers and more.
24 Volt Output
The Bel Power Solutions FNP series delivers wide output ranges of 85-264VAC, high power densities and efficiencies that telecoms and others need for a wide range of applications.
32 Volt Output
Combining high power density, 1U form, PFC and up to 4500W capabilities, our FXP series is an excellent resource for a variety of distributed power implementations.
48 Volt Output
The Bel Power Solutions 48V power supply contingent is ideal for environments like servers, datacom and telecom, that require backplane mounted inputs, broad input ranges, efficiencies above 90% and output power up to 7000W.