Front-End Products

With industry-leading power densities and energy savings, our broad range of hot-swappable front-ends provide advanced thermal management and high-efficiency topologies, along with robust features ranging from ultra-compact forms to wide input ranges and extensive I²C monitoring and control.
Platinum/Titanium Efficiency
The PFE / PET Series of AC-DC front-ends offered by Bel Power Solutions blend excellent Platinum-level 80-PLUS efficiency exceeding 94%, Power Factor Correction and a small form factors, with a wide input voltage range.
High Power
Bel Power offers a wide range of high-power AC-DC products up to 7kW in a single unit. These products offer single-phase and three-phase inputs to serve a wide variety industrial, broadcasting and telecom applications.
12 V to 48 V
As a broad group of 12V output, high-efficiency power supplies, our front-ends blend wide AC and DC input ranges, with small footprints and high power densities, ideal for telecom, datacom, distributed power systems, servers and more.
Power Shelves
The Bel Power Shelves provide rectification, system management and power distribution, while maintaining high reliability and offering flexibility for future expansion.