Rugged DC-DC Cassettes

Our broad range of DC input cassette-style converters, with their one to three fully-isolated and regulated outputs, are well-suited for applications ranging from rail, to communications and industrial where tough, reliable power is paramount. Our wide range of switching regulators are excellent resources for those electronic systems requiring power supplies with near-constant levels of high efficiency over the whole range of input voltage, as well as high reliability, low ripple and excellent dynamic response.
ER / HR  Series Cassettes
New 10:1 input MELCHER cassette with up to 300W of output power. Ideal for advanced electronic systems in rail and transportation. Offers use in battery systems from 24-120V nominal per EN50155. Just some of the many benefits and features of our HR Cassette Series DC-DC converters.
S Series Cassettes
The Bel Power Solutions S Cassettes, with their 100W of output power, are well-suited for rugged applications needing single or dual output converter configurations, plus PFC options.
Q Series Cassettes
The Bel Power Solutions Q Series cassettes are a powerful and rugged resource for companies seeking a highly efficient and rugged DC-DC cassette that offer flexible output power between 66 and 132W.
P / HP / MD Series Cassettes
These Bel Power Solutions DC-DC Converter Series of rugged cassettes are compact, highly efficient power converters with up to four outputs capable of delivering a maximum of 96 VDC up to 192 W.
M Series Cassettes
Organizations seeking rugged conversion cassettes, with the ability to select between wide DC input voltage ranges and one to three isolated, fully controlled outputs, need look no further than our reliable and efficient M Cassettes.
K Series Cassettes
150W of output power. Ideal for advanced electronic systems. Offers battery charging options. Just some of the many benefits and features of the Bel Power Solutions K Cassette Series DC-DC converters.
RCM Series
The RCM Series converters are reliable power supplies for railway and transportation systems. The output delivers 150 or 300 W at 12 or 24 V or 500 or 1000 W at 24 V. Many options are available, such as an output ORing FET for redundant operation, output voltage adjustment, interruption time of 10 ms (class ST2), Out-OK signals, and a shutdown input.