Embedded DC-DC

Offering a comprehensive range of high power density, board-level DC-DC converters with industry standard brick footprints ranging from 1/16 to 1/2, analog POL converters and feature-rich digital power solutions that seamlessly integrate power conversion and management.
Bus Converters
Power-One offers a wide range of highly efficient DC-DC bus converters to support intermediate bus applications, utilizing industry-standard footprints and specifications, that exhibit excellent thermal performance in elevated temperature, low airflow environments.
DC-DC Converter Input Filters
Power-One offers a complete range of input filters to control EMI in board-level DC-DC converter applications.
Isolated DC-DC Converters
Power-One’s isolated DC-DC converters provide high efficiencies and power densities, ultra-low profiles, wide input voltage ranges, high input-transient withstand capabilities and start-up into pre-biased loads. Power-One is an active member of the DOSA alliance and offers models compliant with the DOSA standards.
Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters
Power-One’s point of load (POL) converters are available in industry standard form factors that combine excellent compatibility with established POL footprints and trim equations, plus enhanced features and performance.
Digital Power & Control
The d-PWER series offers a Robust, Enhanced, Full Complement of Digital POLs in package sizes ranging from 5A to 60A, supported by a fully integrated GUI design tool.
Power Conversion Products for RF Amplifier Applications
Power-One’s HBA Series is designed to provide a regulated 28V bus voltage at up to 12.5A for today’s RF power amplifiers, operating over a 36 – 75 VDC input voltage range.