AC & DC Hot-Swap Front-Ends

With industry-leading power densities and energy savings, our broad range of hot-swappable front-ends provide advanced thermal management and high-efficiency topologies, along with robust features ranging from ultra-compact forms to wide input ranges and extensive I²C monitoring and control.
Power Over Ethernet (POE)
The Bel Power Solutions Power Over Ethernet (POE) lineup includes our PALS 400W and 600W power supplies. These power supplies offer dual 48V and 12V outputs at 85% efficiency. When used horizontally they are 1U tall and used vertically are 3U tall. The POEs also offer an I²C feature set.
12 Volt Output
As a broad group of 12V output, high-efficiency power supplies, our front-ends blend wide AC and DC input ranges, with small footprints and high power densities, ideal for telecom, datacom, distributed power systems, servers and more.
24 Volt Output
The Bel Power Solutions FNP series of power supplies offers a wide input voltage range of 85 to 264VAC, high power densities and efficiencies required in a wide range of applications.
32 Volt Output
Combining high power density, 1U height, PFC and up to 4500W capabilities, the Bel Power Solutions FXP series of power supplies can be used in a wide variety of distributed power applications, including broadcast transmitters and industrial lasers.
48 Volt Output
The Bel Power Solutions 48V power supply contingent is ideal for environments like servers, datacom and telecom, that require backplane mounted inputs, broad input ranges, efficiencies above 90% and output power up to 7000W. The power supplies range from 300W to 7000W and may be paralleled for greater power output.