Highly efficient, high density and highly reliable power supplies designed for the Server, Storage, Networking, Industrial and Telecommunications industries.
Open Frame
The Bel Power Solutions open frame power supplies provide a selection of single and multi-output, AC-DC and DC-DC solutions.
The LPM/LMM Series are highly configurable modular products for Industrial and Medical applications. They offer up to four outputs at 900W or six outputs at 1600W, with each output adjustable from 2 to 51VDC.
The Bel Power Solutions linear power supplies incorporate rugged, proven designs to provide highly-regulated, low noise and ripple DC power sources.
High Power
Bel Power offers a wide range of high-power AC-DC products up to 7kW in a single unit. These products offer single-phase and three-phase inputs to serve a wide variety industrial, broadcasting and telecom applications.