European Union RoHS Compliance Program

Bel Power has developed one of the industry's broadest ranges of EU RoHS compliant products, including converters designed for customers in exempted industries who choose to meet the Directive. In order to support the full range of compliance options offered by the Directive, Bel Power's unique two-tiered RoHS strategy provides customers with a comprehensive range of tin-lead solder and lead-free-solder product choices. (read more)


China RoHS Compliance Program

Phase One of China's RoHS initiative went into effect on March 1, 2007. Bel Power Solutions meets these initial requirements by including product and packaging markings, and RoHS disclosure tables. In addition, the China Ministry of Information Industry is setting up laboratories for in-country testing of RoHS substance levels. Bel Power is continuing to monitor these changing developments in order to support our customers. (read more)



Deca-BDE (Decabromodiphenyl Ether) Compliance

The majority of Bel Power’s products are already fully compliant to these revised RoHS Deca-BDE requirements. DC-DC converters that require that the thermal transfer, and electrical insulation, tape be changed in order to meet these revised Deca-BDE requirements are listed in the accompanying Product Change Notice.